Monday, March 12

Eugene McGuinness

It really wasn't a tough decision to choose who'll be the first band/artist I feature on here.

There are so so many singer songwriters out there right now, and even boys in bands have strolled off into the unknown to make their very own records, such as Thom Yorke, Albert Hammond Jr and, ah-hmm, Kelly Jones.

But Eugene McGuinness is worth dropping the glow sticks for. Signed, sealed and, probably in a few months time, set for delivery under Franz and Monkey fathers Domino, at Korova last month he and his sweet strumming guitar proved exactly why the indie elite should be shaking in their converse.

Singing through what can only be described as a somewhat vintage yet mellow yet shrill kind of voice, like a drunken Sinatra doing karaoke with Willy Mason, check out 'Bird in a Wire' and 'Myrtle Parade' on his Myspace.

He is hopping off to Texas for SXSW but will be back here later this month and through April.