Monday, March 12

The first blog is the longest...

Hello one and all, and welcome to my blog!

Right, let's get to the point. This blog will feature the current crop of emerging musical talent currently doing the rounds in Liverpool, the third world's greatest city... no wait... I mean the world's third greatest city..., reviewing the latest live sounds, tracks and whatever else is floating the pop culture boat along the River Mersey.

I’m a student here, and thus will try my hardest to find the time to update this thang when I can.

But with some help from Wikipedia, other than The Beatles because this city really never stops baffling on about them, and their respective solo careers, Liverpool has procreated Echo and the Bunnymen, The La’s, The Black Velvets, Cast, The Coral, A Flock of Seagulls (only heard of them in an episode of Friends) and The Zutons.

Not bad but could do better.

This is where the turn of the 21st century, and this blog, really comes into play. Innovative and emerging talent is being showcased throughout the entire city on a monthly basis at Korova, The Cavern, Barfly, 3345 Parr St, Carling Academy, Zanzibar…

Zane Lowe is totally right when he says music right now is in ‘rude health’. There’s so much cool stuff coming out of Liverpool right now, and it doesn't even fit one category.

You may have heard of Hot Club de Paris and The Little Flames, but Alterkicks, Peter and the Wolf, Eugene McGuiness, >>goFASTER, Guild of Defiants, The Wombats, Thomas Western and a good few more are all, in my opinion, genuinely solid bands and artists that are far better than the View Chiefs, or whatever it is, that is currently dominating the music planets, and deserves nothing but decent exposure. Hello this blog.

Thus look out for reviews of this lot and others right here.

John Lennon once labelled The Beatles as more popular than Jesus. As if. But this blog will be…