Sunday, March 25


Every Saturday teatime right up until last Christmas all over the country millions upon millions of tellies were tuned into what was fronted as reality TV but can only be labelled as Scouse Mortification.

Merseyside was in desperate need for some healthy integrity, and along with this blog, the city's most hippest foursome goFASTER>> are the perfect catalyst to boost a whole lotta credibility back into the city.

First ever single ‘She Starts Monday’ is chopped up strings and witty words – ‘I’ve got a Mach3 they’ve got AK-47’ – flawlessly fitting for the times of now.

Fronted by an Owen Hargreaves look-alike who wears his guitar as high as Alex T, these boys and their nicely layered rhyming guitar-pop are breeding the essence of before-they-were-famous type stuff.

They are indeed supporting fellow talents The Wombats at the Academy on March 31, and heading out through England in April and May.

As the city gets a good clean up, if anybody has the X Factor it’s this lot. And they know it.