Thursday, March 29

Live Review - What happened when The Twang came to town...

The Twang - Liverpool Barfly - March 20

Wow. Barfly’s upstairs’ stage hasn’t been this set since the Monkeys rolled on over to Scouse Town in October of 2005. Outside the touts are haggling, inside the Myspace addicts are jittery, and one footy fan has just asked his fellow footy fan friend if he’s ever heard of The Rakes. Have this Brummie five-piece hit The Mainstream or what?!

Sounds-wise, ‘Cloudy Room’ kicks off kinda similar to an intro equipped to commence a Kings of Leon record, hurling around with dark and moody intensity, prior to transforming mid-song into a very catchy riff you’d half expect Jamie T to natter over.

Prancing around like a pub band who’ve just got very very lucky, lead men Phil and Martin bind together like a much older Carl and Pete without strings to finger-pick.

Recent radio-friendly’s ‘Either Way’ and ‘Wide Awake’ expectedly get high crowd approval, especially from a few from Quinton in Birmingham, potentially aka Twang Town.

Furthermore, ‘Ice Cream Sundae’ is so bagged up, it sounds like The Edge is working his way through a Stone Roses chord book.

Who’d have thought the finest thing to come out this year is ages behind its time?

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