Monday, March 19

Peter and the Wolf

Honesty is the best policy.

Peter and the Wolf may folk up a shpash of double bass beats, merge cow bells with pretty acoustic strings and relentlessly manage to twist minutes of cute indie-pop, yet the real nitty-gritty of suburban existence as we know it in the tales of death, heartache and euthanasia breathe right at the very core.

Like Marilyn Manson covering Bright Eyes whilst being hugged by KT Tunstall, ‘Moon to the Sea’ tells the story of man who’s lost everything only to fall from grace over a splatter of cheery guitars and one sugary melody.

‘What have I done? What if I break down and kill someone?’ hurls through ‘Tommy’ with so much shock factor to distribute the very crammed Zanzibar I was in the middle of a couple of weeks back was flabbergasted. At least they would've been if it wasn't so damn noisy.

This Liverpool threesome is filled with a refreshing urge to depict life’s downfalls, and they didn’t even have to join the Black Parade... ('Coming of Age' is ace!)