Thursday, April 26

Earl Grey and the Lego Men

There really is nothing like a big fat slab of innovation to heat one city's scene up.

This lot are called Earl Grey and the Lego Men and they could be the most groundbreaking, genre-crossing phenomenon since, erm, Enter Shikari.

Actually, dare I say it but they could be that little bit more superior.

It's Joy Division on top of Run DMC below My Chem by means of Dizzee with a little Klaxons on the side. Oh, and REM for leftovers.

‘Secret Bunkers’ twirls around like a braver Linkin Park, and ‘Ghoul Town’ bashes out like Trent Reznor talking to The Twang about religion.

Deep and dark guitar picking haunted by scary basslines only to be interrupted by some rap backed up by the sweet sounds of soothing synths filled their set at Barfly last week.

Plus, the lyrics are fuelled with the kinda stuff Billy Bragg would hash out, only less deep and more user-friendly.

Is it weird or is it amazing? Well, the lead singer did attempt a chorus ideal for Brand New’s latest record? Thus, I'm going for the latter.

Earl Grey and the Lego Men on Myspace