Thursday, April 5

Guild of Defiants

This lot are four clean-cut chaps with their shirts tucked in who play dulcet yet distorted guitars underneath some sharp and witty words.

Judging by such, a few weeks back I could've been in the midst of an early Weezer show at some packed out underground club in Los Angeles.

But in fact it was a half-full Korova impatiently waiting for the headliners, unaware that genuine pop-genius twas live before them.

‘Vis a Vis’ is Blue Album-type strings with Jimmy Chamberlin on drums and Frank Black’s loveably irksome squeal to conclude.

What with KoL doing their own Pixies take on 'Charmer' and Pumpkins en route for Reading, the emergence of 90s Americana is an ideal breath of fresh air right now, thus it just couldn't be a better time to of hit the Mersey.

Guild of Defiants on Myspace