Friday, April 13

Indica Ritual

Maybe I'm missing the point. But...

A little less cowbell, a little more guitar. A little more guitar, a little less cowbell. Blah blah blady blah!

This wave raving spun-off drivel goes by the name of Indica Ritual, some Scouse cluster attempting to mimic their way into Planet Good Music.

A bit like Enter Shikari without the emo, ‘Num Lock’ is a dull splatter of inane for-the-hell-of-it noises spread underneath the lead singer’s impression, without realising it, of the main one from Boy Kill Boy. Big yuck.

As time was filled further at Korova last month by minutes of not one but two keyboards spattering each other with rubbish clinks and clanks, the crowd were too new-raved out to even take in what is going on before them.

I know this blog is meant to support innovative Scouse sounds but In what will inevitably be a few months packed with scene sequel claptrap, the sooner the fat is cut from the meat, the better.

They're playing in the city this and next month I think.

Indica Ritual on Myspace