Monday, April 23

Live Review - What happened when Video Nasties came to town...

Video Nasties – Korova – April 19

It’s rather empty down here. Little does every single soul who’s not got their ass within this very hot and very sweaty Korova know that genuine Twee Pop genius is tunnelling up live before us.

Two afros and a lead singer who looks like The Feeling’s lead singer make up 3 out of this 5-lot, and with such in-time guitar picking, pretty keyboard noise making swishes going on, Video Nasties meet all the right rules to join The Maccabees, The Pigeon Detectives and all this other new Brit pop stuff knocking around right now for a nice big fat revolution of, erm, New Britpop.

‘Accessory’ is packed with most infectious strings post-Hard to Explain, all with a front man, albeit who has an empty floor in front of him, decides to jump off stage guitar-in-hand and stare at his fellow band. Crazy or what?!

On their first outing to Scouse Land this lot are equipped with nothing but god damn good tuneage, plus shouty harmonies about singing in the shower whilst singing on the stage – ironic or what?! – has never seemed so hip.

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