Thursday, May 17

The Little Flames

This band are best mates with Arctic Monkeys. How’s that for an intro?

Well, after the unfortunate experience that was last month's one night stint at Barfly - pretty much filled to the brim with notin' but mundanely Mersey strings and hippy harmonies - it might be the only way people will take note at this lot.

Band leader lady Eva Paterson's hair was bushed up all like 80s Blondie, and twirled through 'Goodbye Little Rose' with the assist of her band like an accidentaly out of tune Cribs. Not nice.

Plus whilst latest single 'Isobella' drove itself into speedy Monkey-like guitars, the pretty packed room couldn't even muster up enough energy to head-nod their way through.

It really was just constant dull riff under dreary voice over and over again, just waiting to leap forward with gusto.

This blog is here for strong, talented and innovative stuff, but this bunch just simply got in the way.