Friday, May 25

Opening Wembley Stadium. It just aint fair.

I know this isn't in any way related to new bands coming outta Liverpool, but it's still my blog and I just really need to vent my views about this.

George Michael. Wembley Stadium. First show. Are you f**king kidding me?!

There's not many things on this planet that have the ability to p*ss me off but boy oh boy, George Michael does. And the fact that he is opening what will hopefully be an amazing stadium with so much history is an absolute disgrace!

We all know that Muse were originally set to open the stadium in June, and that was the case for months. I mean imagine that, loud loud loud Matt Bellamy guitars screaming throughout North London weaving in and around huge rocking anthems like 'Time Is Running Out', 'Starlight', 'Plug In Baby', and my personal Muse fav 'Muscle Museum'. This was going to the perfect way to kick off this 90k seater stadium. Wow!

But no. Out of nowhere in early March, Wembley announced that the complete and utter joke that is George Michael, you know the former Wham guy from the 80s who loves his booze, loves his drugs and loves his getting into trouble, would instead do the job. What a disgrace! I get that Wembley wanted to open the new stadium with maybe a more 'accesible' or less credible band/artist than Muse, but George Michael! He's hardly a national treasure, it's ridiculous!

Why not Rolling Stones? Sure they're annoying to anybody under the age of 30, but at least we respect the fact they're complete and utter legends. Wembley should've paid whatever millions they demanded.
Why not part-Beatles? Sure Paul McCartney has too gotten to the point of annoying, but at least we respect the fact he was in the band that if it wasn't for I wouldn't be writing this blog right now!
Why not anybody but a drug-loving, alcoholic jail-loving loony?!

That man is not by any means someone for my or younger generations to look up to!

Wembley man Alex Horne said at the time "This is a fitting first gig in the new stadium. We are looking forward to putting the stadium back on the world map as a major music destination."

It aint a fitting gig for the whole of this country, other than still Wham obsessives or people who actually thought 'Outside' was comedic satire gold.

This is a massive low for humanity, and I'm guessing his people may have had 'something' to do with why he's playing the first show, in cleaning up the absolute joke of a reputation he has.

It just aint fair.