Monday, May 7

Thomas Western

If you've had your eyes and ears glued to the right channels, sites, stations and literature in the last few months then you'll be fully aware of the complete and utter revolution we've experienced of proper decent Indie Folk, or even just actually good singer songwriters.

Few months back at 3345 Parr St I witnessed quite the shindig. The lights were low, the candles were scented and the audience was very much in awe. Not a bad atmosphere for Thomas Western's fourth ever solo gig!

Whether or not it was the intention, the Derby-born one man and his guitar show sensationally wowed the entire room with some very pretty strings and one engaging voice.

The stop-start melody of ‘The Perils of Conformity’ dips into Bright Eyes territory, concluding with the inspiring words, ‘Don’t let them take your freedom away, you know they’ll find some other slave.’

Then there’s ‘Apples In Summer’, a sweet folksy number packed with a grand ending of pure harmony that even Jeff Buckley would’ve been proud of.

That night the hippest of Scouse venues was totally convinced. He’ll have the nation won over in no time...

Go see him at Magnet on May 16 and check out his Myspace here