Friday, June 8

Bit of an Update

Eugene McGuiness - the first artist ever featured on here - is to release a mini album through Double Six titled the rather cool named 'The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness' and will be out in August. Also the front single 'Monsters Under The Bed' is out July 2. He's getting played on Lamacq and Xfm so all good things seem to be happening on the Eugene front. Oh yeah, he's doing Glastonbury too. Actually, he's doing for what I've decided to call a pre-Glastonbury show in Liverpool at Korova on June 18. Go!

Peter and the Wolf - also doing Glastonbury, and some festival in Italy called 'Operation Sound and Music Festival'. They're currently making some tuneage for further releases most probably out later this year.

The Wombats - currently the biggest band in the UK! Well, maybe not, but they sure will be. The amazing 'Kill the Director' is out June 25. CSS have made a remix which you can check out on The Wombats' Myspace too. They too are playing Glastonbury, as well as a whole load of more festival, UK dates and a few HMV instores on the day of release.

goFASTER>> - debut single 'She Starts Monday' is out now on This Is Fake DIY. They're playing some festival in Someset too. But it's not Glastonbury, it's the 'Farm Festival 2007'. Hmmm.

Earl Grey and the Lego Men - playing Barfly on July 12.

Also, you may have noticed the little video on the left. It's something I made about the acoustic scene in the city right now.