Monday, July 2

The Dead 60s

Liverpool's ska-est pop band The Dead 60s are back, and they're way bigger and way better than ever before - with one very sweet tune to ride with.

'Stand Up' is the forthcoming leader from their second album (untitled as far as I know). Now, considering their last album was a big slab of boring trumpets, rubbish riffs and just downright over rated, I am pretty damn excited about the new one.

The lead singer, Matt McManamon - his voice is all Morrisey'd up (in a good way), and along with jumped-up pop hooking melodical bedding, 'Stand Up' is just great.

I just wish their people, who're Deltasonic I think - would actually go out there and push this to the highest of heavens rather than sign crap local non-talent like The Suzukis. This should be in everybody's faces right now. Their last record sold 100k, and was filled with lots of shouldn't-of-been Top 40s.

But this one should be. Maybe the lovely Snow Patrol tour support later on in 2007 will help push this lot further into stardom. They deserve it now.

Stand Up - Physically out July 30

The album is out August 6

Dead 60s Website