Sunday, July 1

June - Album of Last Month

Two thousand and seven truly is turning out be to one very great year for music. So much good stuff is out and around right now, but despite strong competition from The Twang and Biffy, last month's best album goes to one winner and one winner only.

Editors - An End Has A Start - Kitchenware

Death. It’s a part of life. Some ignore it, some fear it and some even relish it. It’s there whatever, but our generations darkest of ensembles have made an album completely and utterly worth living for. ‘Depressing’ this is not. It’s the total opposite, if anything (you got that, NME?!).

Offers of hope, inspiration and everything else you’d find truly floating in and around the black parade shines through ‘An End Has A Start’ by means of big riffs and Tom Smith’s peerless voice on highlights including 'An End Has A Start', 'Push Your Head Towards The Air' and 'Well Worn Hand'.

Best Track
Push Your Head Towards The Air