Friday, July 13

Video Cacacaraaazyyyyyyy

I'm now back from holiday - oh yeah, i went on holiday - and boy oh boy, do I have some tasty treaties for you.

That new Dead 60s song I raved about in the last post has a matching ultra-cool video to it - Watch it here

And Genuis Eugenies Eugene Mcgenuis McGuinness too made a video for his first ever proper tune 'Monsters Under The Hotel Bed'.

Plus I've even decided to chuck in The Wombats' great one for 'Kill The Director'. Oh, talking of The Wombats finally after like a year if not more NME have featured them in their new bands section. It's in the one out this week to buy or read in Borders at the back on the leather sofas for half an hour with Tokyo Police Club on your iPod while looking up at every worker go by fearing they'll ask you to leave. Oh, just me?

Some features on new new Liverpudlians bands are on the way very soon...