Tuesday, July 24

Why The Wombats Will be HUGE by the End of This Year...

Other than the sheer fact that they write the finest of pop tunes and have just finished up an album packed with complete and utter high-on-sugar stormers, there's another reason I reckon The Wombats will be all over everywhere by, say, Christmas, aside from the music simply standing up on its own and recieving rave reviews. Because it so will!

If you're not already aware, yesterday NME released details about its Rock N Roll tour taking place from September through late October. Now, considering indie is the new pop right now and has been for the last couple years and has now got to the point where Kate Nash is in at No. 2, the magazine kind of acts like the Smash Hits of music mags right now. In that sense anyway. Not that it's anything like it.

But they will be covering this tour in the mag all that time, which obviously means lots of great exposure. Plus, the album just happens to come out in October! Therefore, fans going to the shows will think, 'wow they're amazing, when's the album out'. Derrrr.

Also, to justify NME's huge influence right now, have you seen the Mercury Prize nominee list?! The View? Arctic Monkeys? Klaxons? Jamie T? New Young Pony Club? All of those are 'NME bands'!

What's more is that The Enemy, who right now are like the biggest band in the UK, are headlining these shows! That means lots of people=lots of people getting there early because MPs today said towns in England have now become 'No-Go' areas at night. So through a mixture of asbo culture and The Enemy with a No. 1 selling record, The Wombats will have the whole venue packed out before even Lethal B comes on.

That is why The Wombats will get lots of attention, and will simply be HUGE by Xmas. This all may seem obvious to you but as far as I'm concerned I've been a big Wombats fan for ages and have wanted them to be huge for a while. Thus this all just had to be mentioned.

Now all we need is that 'Lost in the Post' re-release to come out week before album and we're good to go! Good times.