Wednesday, August 29

More Of Those Marsupials!

Just cause they're so damn good!

Here's the official video to the absolutely amazingly brilliant 'Let's Dance to Joy Division'.

Celebrate the irony!

Also, how cool is that new Shout and Twist logo on the top left? It's The Wombats, just in case you didn't realise!

Monday, August 27

Reading Festival 2007

It was small. Way smaller than I ever imagined it, yet I still had the absolute time of my life. Tis was my first ever time at Reading, so truly I didn't know what to expect, but boy oh boy did I see some amazing stuff.

The only bit of Scouse I came across though were The Dead 60s. They got a pretty big turn out on the main stage, all dressed in black sweating out the ridiculous neck-buring heat. 'Riot Radio' obviously got big crowd approval, as well as this new song called 'Beat Generation' that sounded ace - quite Madness-y in parts. Perfect for those lovely radio playlists anywho.

What was a bit blah though was, well, most of it. I've never been a huge fan, and 'Dull Towns' proved exactly why. Other than the backing of a rather rubbish label who don't know their Monkeys from their Rascals, too much of what falters about this lot is what I've decided to label Skah. Like Ska and Blah mixed - because that mix of trumpets guitar got so boring, not enough melody was seathing out of it, not like, say, The Rumble Strips anyway.

They know they can find a solid sound, because new single 'Stand Up' is the example of that, they just need to home in on that more and try less experimenting.

Aside from The Dead 60s though, WHOA! My new favourite band No. 1 Manchester Orchestra were pretty good, and The Gossip were great, though it did seem like Beth was just playing up to a character I thought she was trying to stick up for. Bad society!

Jimmy Eat World, like, totally ate my world. I saw a little of Interpol, actually I decided to risk their set in order to see my new favourite band No. 2 Cajun Dance Party, who were AMAZING! Life-changing actually. Kings of Leon were so effing good too.

Brand New pretty much headlined my Friday, and, well, they were my absolute festival highlight. In fact, I've even given them their own sentence. There.

Good Shoes were alright on the Saturday, I was impressed by Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip, also Pigeon Detectives were quality. Dare I say it but Arcade Fire were a little dissapointing. I wanted to be blown away by the shear power and energy but it just didn't exist. They are too much an acquired taste I guess, for all the audience to fall in love with it all. The Academy Is... were also life-changing.

Despite, on the Sunday, an early cigarette-burn to the elbow, it didn't stop me enjoying The Maccabees. Well, it did a little. Cold War Kids looked great before I headed over to catch Maps and Fall Out Boy. I couldn't get in anywhere to see Kate Nash, but I saw Lostprophets despite the lead singer annoyingly forcing the entire site to jump and down to 'Last Summer'. I jumped though, but managed to stay still and somehwat scared for Gallows. Then there was the Smashing Pumpkins. Incredible, they totally met my expectations, and '1979', well, that was life-changing.

That's enough Reading baffle though, go buy Alterkicks' new album out today!

Tuesday, August 21

Football Focus Taken Over By Our City's Finest

It just so happened to come into my attention that the new titles for BBC's Football Focus is bedded by The Wombats' 'Kill The Director'.

Back of the net! Now in order to watch Carlos Tevez help push Man United to the Premiership title this season, Fernando Torres absolutely flop for Liverpool and Chelsea to, well, simply lose everything - you'll have the greatest of this year's pop tunes as the perfect kick off.

Hopefully that made sense. Oh, and even though I love Liverpool, that don't mean I love the football club!

Check it here

Also, I know this blog bangs about The Wombats, like, a lot, but to be fair they are bloody amazing and will be our country's biggest band in a few months time. October 29 people. October 29!

Friday, August 17

Do Everything I Taught You

August 27. Finally, after a good few years in the making Alterkicks' debut record hits physical and digital shelves later this month. It's Stephen Street-produced - he did my album of the year thus far by The Maccabees, the next Babyshambles one and, well, The Smiths and Blur so many years ago. Basically the guy is a genius, and I've got a sneaky feeling Alterkicks' effort is gonna be something special.

One SMALL issue though - it won't bloody sell! They're on a great label, released some excellent singles and have toured quite a bit this year, but still not enough people know about them. There's no momentum whatsoever leading up to the release. I want these boys to be huge, and the new single 'Cannibal Hiking Disaster' sounds ace to pull people in.

Oh I do hope I'm proved wrong!

'Do Everything I Taught You' is out on August 27 on B-Unique. Buy it you lovely people!

(Oh, and NME used the cover art from 2005's single for their album review this week. Poor.)

Monday, August 13

Celebrating The Cavern Through The Physical Format

The city's very famous Cavern Club - it helped propel The Beatles derrr - is celebrating 50 years in Scouse Land by releasing a huge fat compilation album.

Titled 'The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World' - not that arguable to be fair - is out on August 20, and features three CD's filled to the brim with The Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Kinks, Queen, Arctic Monkeys, etc!

Oh yeah, The Beatles are on it too. Rather cool cover art as well.

Because I couldn't be bothered to write it all myself, the following tracklisting is pasted in from -

CD 1
1. The Beatles - 'Please Please Me'
2. Chuck Berry - 'No Particular Place To Go'
3. The Shadows- 'Apache'
4. The Spencer Davis Group - 'Keep On Running'
5. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - 'Shakin' All Over'
6. Cilla Black - 'Anyone Who Had A Heart'
7. The Hollies - 'I'm Alive'
8. Gene Vincent - 'Be Bop A Lula'
9. Lonnie Donegan - 'Cumberland Gap'
10. The Fourmost - 'Hello Little Girl'
11. The Searchers - 'Sweets For My Sweet'
12. Manfred Mann - 'Do Wah Diddy Diddy'
13. Chris Farlowe - 'Out Of Time'
14. Wilson Pickett - 'In The Midnight Hour'
15. Ben E. King - 'Stand By Me'
16. Stevie Wonder - 'I Was Made To Love Her'

CD 2
1. Queen - 'Killer Queen'
2. Paul McCartney - 'All Shook Up' (Live at The Cavern)
3. The Kinks - 'You Really Got Me'
4. The Big Three - 'Some Other Guy'
5. The Animals - 'The House Of The Rising Sun'
6. Hermans Hermits - 'I'm Into Something Good'
7. The Moody Blues - 'Go Now'
8. Gerry & The Pacemakers - 'Ferry Cross The Mersey'
9. The Zombies - 'She's Not There'
10. The Swinging Blue Jeans - 'Hippy Hippy Shake'
11. Little Eva - 'The Locomotion'
12. Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers - 'Got To Get You Into My Life'
13. Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas - 'Little Children'
14. The Merseybeats - 'I Think Of You'
15. The Flowerpot Men - 'Let's Go To San Francisco'
16. Elton John - 'Border Song'

CD 3
1. The Rolling Stones - 'It's All Over Now'
2. The Who - 'My Generation'
3. Oasis - 'Part Of The Queue'
4. The Yardbirds - 'For Your Love'
5. Donovan - 'Sunshine Superman'
6. Wishbone Ash - 'Blowin' Free'
7. Georgie Fame - 'Yeh Yeh
8. Bo Diddley - 'Bo Diddley'
9. Status Quo - 'Down Down'
10. Tom Robinson - '2-4-6-8 Motorway'
11. Edwin Starr - 'War'
12. Thin Lizzy - 'Whiskey In The Jar'
13. Rod Stewart - 'Handbags And Gladrags'
14. Embrace - 'All You Good Good People'
15. Kt Tunstall - 'Black Horse & The Cherry Tree'
16. Travis - 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me'
17. The Coral - 'In The Morning'
18. Arctic Monkeys - 'The View From The Afternoon' (live - previously unreleased version)

If you wanna get your grubby hands on this little nugget go here

Also, The Cavern itself is on Mathew Street. The Mathew Street Music Festival was meant to be happening this summer, but has been cancelled. I was gonna do a whole feature on it, but due to what I figure is something to do with the amount of regeneration work going on in the city, it aint on this year, thus neither is my feature :(

How about that poll?

Over on the left you'll see a brand new feature to Shout and Twist - the poll.

Go, answer, vote!

Thursday, August 9

Let's Dance To Joy Division

Bit of an exclusive here on Shout and Twist, well, I like to think so.

'Let's Dance to Joy Division' will be the next single from The Wombats. It's coming out October 15 physically on two 7"s and a CD, and digitally too. Obviously.

Check out this pretty good quality video on You Tube. Wait, is it You Tube or YouTube? Er, yeah it's YouTube. Sorry about that. So yeah, check out this pretty good quality video on YouTube. It was recorded in Wrexham a few months back.

The album comes out October 22. I think.

Monday, August 6

Buy Eugene's EP!

Out today is the very great Eugene McGuinness' EP 'The Early Learnings of Eugene Mcguinness'. I'm guessing it aint that well distributed, so you may have to go do some digging to get it.

Or you could just get it online, or via iTunes probably. Or whatever, just go get it!

This guy is one of the reasons Liverpool is buzzing right now with great music. He's got some pretty good reviews for this too, as expected. Also, check back to this blog's second ever post, because, you know, it's about him.

So yeah, £7 for eight E McG tracks is a bargain. Treat yourself

Saturday, August 4

The Rascals

Way back when I announced the split of The Little Flames on here - about 3 months ago now - three of the boys were already hard at work on a new project, The Rascals. It made perfect sense that Deltasonic would sign them up too.

But everything I couldn't stand about The Little Flames - an accidentally out of tune Cribs with constant dull riff under dreary voice over and over again - seems to of fed through to The Rascals.

It's unfortunate, because being best mates with Alex Turner, who is like the absolute master of sweet guitar melody, I wanted so much for this lot to have some actual good tunes in their bag.

But they don't. Listening to these is more boring than reading the new Arsenal line-up. No flair, no magic, no notin'. I'll give them time to grow and stuff but right now what's on their Myspace is extremely dissapointing. Check it here

(In the photo above, how much does that guy on the left look like Alex Turner himself?! It's madness!)

Taking the AT connection even further, reported that both Alex and Miles Kane of The Rascals are teaming up to record an album which will be out early next year. Monkeys' producer James Ford is producing as well as playing drums.

Turner & Kane is being banded about as a possibility for the name. I like that, but if you've got any suggestions for this fascinating link-up email the address over on the left!

Wednesday, August 1

July - Album of Last Month

Whoa this is hard. I feel like I've listened to so many great albums recently. Art Brut's second effort was worth the wait, Ash's last ever album was also pretty good, plus Smashing Pumpkins' return was way better than I expected. Even The Enemy surprised me greatly, there's loads of top quality tunes on that record. But last month's best album has to go to my favourite New Yorkers...

Interpol - Our Love To Admire - Parlophone!

I'll never forget the first time I heard Interpol. There I was sitting in front of my second favourite TV show, Friends, and as the last episode of season 9 was concluding, bang came on 'Untitled' from their debut album. My that-sounds-amazing-what's-that reaction led to the purchase of said debut, and the November later there I was struck up with flu in my bed giving it a good listen. I could say it cured me, but that might be taking it too far. Anyway, 'Turn On The Bright Lights' is an astonishing record and I'll happily scream with confidence, it is one of the greatest albums of my lifetime. Then came 'Antics', and thus my dissapointment. The guitars sounded weak, the melodies were lost and I can honestly say there's maybe two songs on that album I can go back and listen to. But at least it helped propel them into bigger territory.

But, being the loyal fan I was and am, there was no way I was never gonna check out 'Our Love To Admire'. I describe this, the third from Interpol, as an absolute fucking masterpiece. Everything about 'Turn On The Bright Lights' seemed to of been found and charmed and chucked right back into the melting pot when making this, along with a whole lot more. It's a progression in terms of finding those wonderful hooks without any pointless drivel surrounding them, it's simply stripped down with some spine-tingling keys and, well, it's so effing catchy. There's some fine singles on here, and even though it won't, 'Pace Is The Trick' should be one of them. Paul Banks' typically drowsy tone resonates throughout just like it should, spattering off the usual dark and twisted words we all love him for. The way this record closes is awesome too, kinda like the way Bloc Party's latest does, through two totally uplifting atmospheres that have you completely filled up yet craving for more.

Interpol are back baby, and I'm just so happy and relieved it's with such a great record!

Best Track
Wrecking Ball