Friday, August 17

Do Everything I Taught You

August 27. Finally, after a good few years in the making Alterkicks' debut record hits physical and digital shelves later this month. It's Stephen Street-produced - he did my album of the year thus far by The Maccabees, the next Babyshambles one and, well, The Smiths and Blur so many years ago. Basically the guy is a genius, and I've got a sneaky feeling Alterkicks' effort is gonna be something special.

One SMALL issue though - it won't bloody sell! They're on a great label, released some excellent singles and have toured quite a bit this year, but still not enough people know about them. There's no momentum whatsoever leading up to the release. I want these boys to be huge, and the new single 'Cannibal Hiking Disaster' sounds ace to pull people in.

Oh I do hope I'm proved wrong!

'Do Everything I Taught You' is out on August 27 on B-Unique. Buy it you lovely people!

(Oh, and NME used the cover art from 2005's single for their album review this week. Poor.)