Wednesday, August 1

July - Album of Last Month

Whoa this is hard. I feel like I've listened to so many great albums recently. Art Brut's second effort was worth the wait, Ash's last ever album was also pretty good, plus Smashing Pumpkins' return was way better than I expected. Even The Enemy surprised me greatly, there's loads of top quality tunes on that record. But last month's best album has to go to my favourite New Yorkers...

Interpol - Our Love To Admire - Parlophone!

I'll never forget the first time I heard Interpol. There I was sitting in front of my second favourite TV show, Friends, and as the last episode of season 9 was concluding, bang came on 'Untitled' from their debut album. My that-sounds-amazing-what's-that reaction led to the purchase of said debut, and the November later there I was struck up with flu in my bed giving it a good listen. I could say it cured me, but that might be taking it too far. Anyway, 'Turn On The Bright Lights' is an astonishing record and I'll happily scream with confidence, it is one of the greatest albums of my lifetime. Then came 'Antics', and thus my dissapointment. The guitars sounded weak, the melodies were lost and I can honestly say there's maybe two songs on that album I can go back and listen to. But at least it helped propel them into bigger territory.

But, being the loyal fan I was and am, there was no way I was never gonna check out 'Our Love To Admire'. I describe this, the third from Interpol, as an absolute fucking masterpiece. Everything about 'Turn On The Bright Lights' seemed to of been found and charmed and chucked right back into the melting pot when making this, along with a whole lot more. It's a progression in terms of finding those wonderful hooks without any pointless drivel surrounding them, it's simply stripped down with some spine-tingling keys and, well, it's so effing catchy. There's some fine singles on here, and even though it won't, 'Pace Is The Trick' should be one of them. Paul Banks' typically drowsy tone resonates throughout just like it should, spattering off the usual dark and twisted words we all love him for. The way this record closes is awesome too, kinda like the way Bloc Party's latest does, through two totally uplifting atmospheres that have you completely filled up yet craving for more.

Interpol are back baby, and I'm just so happy and relieved it's with such a great record!

Best Track
Wrecking Ball