Saturday, August 4

The Rascals

Way back when I announced the split of The Little Flames on here - about 3 months ago now - three of the boys were already hard at work on a new project, The Rascals. It made perfect sense that Deltasonic would sign them up too.

But everything I couldn't stand about The Little Flames - an accidentally out of tune Cribs with constant dull riff under dreary voice over and over again - seems to of fed through to The Rascals.

It's unfortunate, because being best mates with Alex Turner, who is like the absolute master of sweet guitar melody, I wanted so much for this lot to have some actual good tunes in their bag.

But they don't. Listening to these is more boring than reading the new Arsenal line-up. No flair, no magic, no notin'. I'll give them time to grow and stuff but right now what's on their Myspace is extremely dissapointing. Check it here

(In the photo above, how much does that guy on the left look like Alex Turner himself?! It's madness!)

Taking the AT connection even further, reported that both Alex and Miles Kane of The Rascals are teaming up to record an album which will be out early next year. Monkeys' producer James Ford is producing as well as playing drums.

Turner & Kane is being banded about as a possibility for the name. I like that, but if you've got any suggestions for this fascinating link-up email the address over on the left!