Monday, August 27

Reading Festival 2007

It was small. Way smaller than I ever imagined it, yet I still had the absolute time of my life. Tis was my first ever time at Reading, so truly I didn't know what to expect, but boy oh boy did I see some amazing stuff.

The only bit of Scouse I came across though were The Dead 60s. They got a pretty big turn out on the main stage, all dressed in black sweating out the ridiculous neck-buring heat. 'Riot Radio' obviously got big crowd approval, as well as this new song called 'Beat Generation' that sounded ace - quite Madness-y in parts. Perfect for those lovely radio playlists anywho.

What was a bit blah though was, well, most of it. I've never been a huge fan, and 'Dull Towns' proved exactly why. Other than the backing of a rather rubbish label who don't know their Monkeys from their Rascals, too much of what falters about this lot is what I've decided to label Skah. Like Ska and Blah mixed - because that mix of trumpets guitar got so boring, not enough melody was seathing out of it, not like, say, The Rumble Strips anyway.

They know they can find a solid sound, because new single 'Stand Up' is the example of that, they just need to home in on that more and try less experimenting.

Aside from The Dead 60s though, WHOA! My new favourite band No. 1 Manchester Orchestra were pretty good, and The Gossip were great, though it did seem like Beth was just playing up to a character I thought she was trying to stick up for. Bad society!

Jimmy Eat World, like, totally ate my world. I saw a little of Interpol, actually I decided to risk their set in order to see my new favourite band No. 2 Cajun Dance Party, who were AMAZING! Life-changing actually. Kings of Leon were so effing good too.

Brand New pretty much headlined my Friday, and, well, they were my absolute festival highlight. In fact, I've even given them their own sentence. There.

Good Shoes were alright on the Saturday, I was impressed by Dan Le Sac v Scroobius Pip, also Pigeon Detectives were quality. Dare I say it but Arcade Fire were a little dissapointing. I wanted to be blown away by the shear power and energy but it just didn't exist. They are too much an acquired taste I guess, for all the audience to fall in love with it all. The Academy Is... were also life-changing.

Despite, on the Sunday, an early cigarette-burn to the elbow, it didn't stop me enjoying The Maccabees. Well, it did a little. Cold War Kids looked great before I headed over to catch Maps and Fall Out Boy. I couldn't get in anywhere to see Kate Nash, but I saw Lostprophets despite the lead singer annoyingly forcing the entire site to jump and down to 'Last Summer'. I jumped though, but managed to stay still and somehwat scared for Gallows. Then there was the Smashing Pumpkins. Incredible, they totally met my expectations, and '1979', well, that was life-changing.

That's enough Reading baffle though, go buy Alterkicks' new album out today!