Sunday, September 2

August - Album of Last Month

Though in the last few weeks I've been listening to albums that didn't technically come out last month such as The Kissaway Trail and Madina Lake (both ace!), as well as ones that aren't techincallu out there yet such as The Rumble Strips and Jakobinarina (meh and my album of the year respectively!), my album of last month was going to go to Kate Nash. Then on Monday I bought a certain CD I've been waffling on about on here for a good while. Even though I'm extremely peeved it's had no press or buzz surrouding it whatsoever, it truly is quite a masterpiece...

Alterkicks - Do Everything I Taught You - B-Unique

Ever since I heard this lot probably a good three years ago when the single 'Do Everything I Taught You' was getting a lot of Zane-play, it was obvious there was something special about 'em. This was way before I started uni here, but when I got here I got to interview them for my old uni mag which for me was great. But there was no real buzz about them, and to be honest, ever since that first ever single released through Fierce Panda, there's been none at all. It's a real shame, because they are by far one Liverpool's most exciting 'new' prospects.

Stephen Street produced this, and he's a genius. There's no weak track on here, they are not at all some kind of Wombats spin-off and considering they're on the same label as The Twang and Kaiser Chiefs, it should make total sense for them to be as bigger than what they are. Song for song, 'Do Everything I Taught You' is choc-a-bloc with just damn straight fine indie. The fact that iTunes didn't even recognise this CD when I put it in tells everything about this band :(

Best Track
Reach Out