Wednesday, September 26

Earl Grey And The Lego Men At The Cavern Club

Standing at the back of the planet’s most famous club watching constant and lifeless guitar drab is both ironic and insulting. At least until Earl Grey and the Lego Men come on. Thanks to this Scouse five-piece and their bizarre electro-shocking hip-hop mumbling racket, the very hot and sweaty Cavern is being refreshed in every sense. One sec you’re boogying away to some nu-raving strings, the next it’s so down in here the relief of that new Radiohead record can’t come quicker. Though the notion of swapping Mersey beating disco with Eminem sad song type-rap may sound ridiculous, EGLM seem to have it spot on. Besides, whatever underlying political/sociological meaning is getting nattered here, it’s most probably important. Just like this band.