Thursday, September 27

The Wombats And Their All-Important Homecoming

Carling Academy. Last Sunday.

There’s no doubt that the present time is extremely healthy for this Scouse pop fussing three-piece to launch themselves silly into our all-important world of supermarket CD racks and daytime radio play lists. Sure banging on about Bridget Jones, a stripper named Patricia and dancing to Joy Division smells the stink of expiry-date stamped novelty that’ll go away next year. But there’s something very special about The Wombats, and fortunately for every single last one of us, they’re going to be around for many moons to come.
‘Wombats, Wombats, Wombats’ repeats some harmonic choir as they head out on stage to fittingly kick start the set with their first ever single ‘Lost In The Post’. Already you sense they feel at home, snuggling the room’s young hearts and minds with countless sugary nuggets, and it’s that tingle inside of you they can’t help but cause that sets them apart from everyone else. Hell it even helps relieve the fact that the place is nearing boiling point temperature, much evident beneath singer Matthew Murphy’s armpits. Though that doesn’t stop him urge the entire crowd to turn round and chant ‘Happy Birthday’ to his mum, prior to skipping into joyous anthem ‘Kill The Director’. He and drummer Dan Haggis then swap instruments for Norwegian bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen’s native rendition of the Postman Pat theme, before finishing up with ‘Backfire At The Disco’. This lot are simply Kings in Liverpool. They are the most important, fun and essential band the city has known for decades. Four decades to be precise.

(By the way that picture wasn't taken last weekend at the gig. It's just such a great picture!)