Wednesday, October 31

"It's pop music coming home." What is you ask? The MTV Liverpool Music Awards is what.

That's right, Liverpool's brand spanking new Echo Arena which is so new it isn't even open yet will host next year's MTV Europe Music Awards next year.

MTV man Richard Godfrey even said: ""Not only is it the European Capital of Culture next year but the influence of its rich musical heritage is still felt today."

Too damn right. It's on November 6, but the arena opens in January. Liverpool culture person James Purnell said "this wil make the Capital of Culture year even more special." Again, too damn right it will.

Sure they're gonna paint up Liverpool with that whole annoying Merseybeat blah again, which we all knew it truly isn't these days, but it does shove this city right back in the faces of the planet. Then they can take a deeper look at what's behind those Merseybeat-stained doors. Such as, erm, I dunno, THE WOMBATS!