Sunday, October 21

Married To The Sea And Eugene McGuinness (Again).

Eugene McGuinness/Married To The Sea – Korova, Liverpool – October 21

One of the best things about turning up supposedly early to a stupidly late gig at Korova (and Korova only) is that sometimes you’ll come across some proper Scouse talent that you never knew existed. Married To The Sea were such talent last night, doing their thing like a nu-woven Blink 182. They have the look of another soft rock four-piece but beneath all that were some mighty fine songs in their set, like The Maccabees attempting to cover Death Cab with Lost Prophets constantly interrupting. Ish.
Here's their Myspace

If I ever got to edit a big fat feature on Eugene McGuinness I would chuck a huge headline on the page saying 'MODEST MOUSE'. You know, like the band but mainly because he just seems so damn polite and humble.
Coldplay, U2, Oasis. They are stadium-size bands right there, and I’m not saying EmcG is that good but he sure as hell should be playing in front of bigger crowds then the quarter-full albeit warm and intimate venue last night. I know I’ve said it before but his alt.folk sound truly is like a pissed-up Sinatra doing karaoke with Willy Mason. Oh, and he closed with ‘Bold Street’. Nice.