Wednesday, October 24

Okay, Let's Get The Elle S'appelle Hype Machine Rolling...

So Zane played em on Monday night as part of his Fresh Meat thang, and they won! That's right, Liverpool's bestest three-piece since, er, The Wombats, and their ace ace ace new single 'Little Flame' was given some proper actual amazing exposure. Not only that but I told the bassist/singer man from the band the very same night that they were 'Really good', and he was like 'Cheers'. But you see, they're way better then 'really good'. I mean they're really really good. So now after some Zane-time, compliments from me, and some great singles in the bag; this can only mean one thing...

Elle S'appelle are officially one of Liverpool's hottest new bands.

Not in an Alterkicks sense where some apparent decent record label signs em up just to release the album without telling a soul. But I mean in a Wombats sense, and we all know what that means. I've seen em live about three times now and there's no doubt they've got some wicked songs in their set, with a great blend of constantly switching and sweet harmonies, and joyfully twee keys plus the craziest thing is they don't even use a guitar. What's more is they're doing a SPECIAL XMAS SHOW AT THE ACADEMY WITH THE WOMBATS AND goFASTER>> (YES THAT DOES SOUND EFFING AMAZING I KNOW), but more of that in a couple weeks. And they're doing a Barfly tour with goFASTER>> next year, and the highly exciting Liverpool Music Week (more of that very soon too!). And they're on the Xfm playlist. And they're gonna be just everywhere once their signed (which they probaby already are, you know how these things work!).

Here's the video to the amazing 'Little Flame' -

Or check it on the DL -
Little Flame

And hit their Myspace