Monday, October 29

Peter And The Wolf. They're Back. Bigger And Better Than Ever Before.

Carling Academy 2 - October 18

You don’t see enough double bass within the narrow-minded kingdom of indie rock, let alone girls who play drums. So it’s for those reasons alone why Liverpool three-piece Peter and the Wolf should be camped up in all our hearts and minds; and it’s just a bonus that on top of being equipped with such rare apparatus, the Wolf’ seem to be pretty handy when it comes to straight-up short dark pop that sounds like a slightly bigger Blood Red Shoes swarming in sensitivity. Soaking up a whole load of such folked-up sweet melody, ‘Golden Stars’ definitely deserves the attention of way more than just this boiling hot half-packed room tonight. Yet luckily for the clearly roasting singer/guitarist Marc Sunderland, songs ‘Showdown’ and ‘Tommy’ are much more interesting than his now sweat-drenched shirt. That’s their city won over, now for the rest of the world.

Do you want their Myspace? Of course you do. Here it is