Monday, October 1

September - Album Of Last Month

Hmm. Okay, so other than peeling my ears on Jakobinarina's debut again and again and again (even though it aint til October) Athlete, Kanye West and Foo Fighters all made quite the effort to compete for my album of last month. Though, in spite of the fact the winner's attempt technically came out last year in the United States, it's UK release was only just a couple weeks ago.

Manchester Orchestra - I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child - Columbia

What this record does most for me is remind me of one of my favourite bands. But not in a like, how-dare-you-copy-Death-Cab kinda way, but more of a yeah-that's-that-amazing-feeling-soft-vocals-and-pretty-strings-can't-help-but-give-me kind of way. A lot of 'I'm Like A...' follows in Death Cab's beautiful wondrous footsteps, which considering they're gonna be away for a good while it seems, this works as a perfect kind of 'filler' in the meantime.

There's just so much sweet melody hooking around this album, and live they're pretty solid too. The lead singer has a very gruff (I don't know if that's a word) kind of appearence too, but projects out with one innocent and caring voice. It's a great surprise when you see them live, plus 'Alice and Interiors' is the only bit of fluff on here. 'I Can Feel Your Pain', 'Where Have You Been?', 'Sleeper 1972' and 'Colly Strings' are total anthems in their own right.

Where Have You Been?