Friday, October 5

The Sonic Hearts

Saturday night at Korova was all good fun, gearing up for a great old quality week of gigs here. Until…

Major-chord pop is smothering the CD racks of Tesco’s all over the country, Radiohead aren’t even brothering to chuck their new album out on the shelves to rival them, and Travis are giving away their greatest hits via the most racist newspaper in all the land. I’m not a music snob, not totally anyway, but all this is surely somehow linked with why major labels (Ee-Em-Eye) are signing up drab rock (The Sonic Hearts) to simply shove it in society’s face, make them feel all gooey inside and, well, go make that all-important purchase. The Sonic Hearts managed to make country guitars, country keys and country back up vocals sound as appealing as waiting another year for that new Coldplay record. Otherwise, not very appealing at all. The singer looks like Jack Penate without his top button done up. I don’t if it that’s good or bad – I just thought I’d mention it. This song ‘Blue River’ was quite good, kind of Britpoppy but not at all in the way The Fly have decided to label this city’s most amazing band ever (derr, The Wombats). Anyway, all this major label major chord sh*t has to stop. The sooner ‘A Guide To Love Loss and Desperation’ comes out the better.