Wednesday, October 3

What Happened When Korova Turned Two

Last week the hippest club known to this city turned two years old. While I didn't catch the entire night, I made sure I saw all the important bits.

The Rascals/Hot Club de Paris/goFASTER>> – Korova – September 29

Remember those joyously jerky strings Bloc Party used to shelve out before Kele decided to step foot in East London? Well, luckily for the good load of us inside Korova tonight, such guitar beauty is working its way into goFASTER>>’s set tonight with added tuning key picking and strangely Alfie Holloways’ southern singing on top. The typically curly mops of Merseybeat may be sitting on their heads but considering what’s lurching out of their fingers is basically Hot Club without the annoying bits stuck in between, fortunately goFASTER>> are the furthest thing from trumpet cosmic rock. This city should be wetting its pants at the amount of fresh and downright ace sounds coming out of it right now.
Though the aforementioned Hot Club de Paris are still finding the time to play their so-novel-it’s-dull what-the-hell-am-I-missing not-radio-gracious-enough pop. Their loving cult doesn’t seem to in attendance either, yet suddenly the place is packing itself silly for Alex Turner’s best mates The Rascals.
But just because your best mates with this century’s most important front man, that doesn’t mean you’re any good (See: Milburn, Reverend and the Makers). I mean, what is this 1973? Dull, loud and self-indulgent guitars constantly crashing each other’s nausea like terrible Queens of the Stone Age b-sides. Rubbish.

FYI the most important album brought up by Liverpool since the 60s will be coming out November 5, which is a week later than first told. Damn label! This does however make it easier for me to decide Shout and Twists' album of last month. I hear the Jako bells-a-ringing people! SO REMEMBER, NOVEMEBER 5. 'A GUIDE TO LOVE LOSS AND DESPERATION'. AKA THE MOST IMPORTANT ALBUM TO COME FROM LIVERPOOL FOR DECADES.