Saturday, October 13

What Happened When Los Campesinos! Came To Town

There’s like, millions of bands out there right now. But like, hundreds that have sort of come on to the big old indie scene within the last year with some form of talent in their grasp. Then like twenty of those have been plugged on MTV2 and Xfm, and pretty much across all decent exposure outputs. And then, maybe five of those twenty are like proper amazing, and will no doubt be around in a few years with a couple amazing albums under their belt. You know, like Bloc Party and Franz and Arctic Monkeys today, there’ll what The Wombats and Cajun Dance Party and Pete and the Pirates will be in a few years. No doubt about it.

But one seven piece from Cardiff you can’t forget is Los Campesinos! They’re fucking amazing, and will also be around in a few years after a couple of very incredible albums under their belt. This lot know what Innovative Indie Twee means, because they’ll definately spawn a whole new wave of violion stringed-up finger-pciking guitar bands set under witty words within these next few years Everything they played at Barfly – well nearly, one song was a bit shit – was great and very much singleish. Proper downright fun indie-pop that’s all over the charts at the mo cheers to Nash and Penate, has to be added to by Los! It just has too. This lot aren’t even from Liverpool, that’s how much I believe in em. I for one cannot wait for their debut.

Hell I’m so excited by them (not that I’ve just of heard of them or anything, I’ve known of them for well over a year. Well about 14 months anyway), here's a nice download of one of their songs -

'We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives'