Tuesday, October 16

The Wonderful Elle S'appelle And The Brilliant goFASTER>>

Elle S’appelle/goFASTER>> - Barfly – October 4

‘Is there a Pontins holiday camp in Rhyl? Or is there a Butlins? Maybe both?’ These are the kind of issues pondered across the stage at most goFASTER>> shows, and more often than not you’ll even get some straight-up twee fizzing-pop to get your ass shaking to and all. Sure the curly mops of Merseybeat may adorn their heads but there honestly aint a hint of dull cosmic drab coming out of em whatsoever. Choc-full of pre-second album Bloc Party guitars and Hot Club-type harmonies without the annoying bits, ‘Goodtimes’ is the perfect indie anthem in waiting. What’s more, ‘Flammable Leisurewear’ turns on chavs, and ‘Heather’s Loaded’ turns on Heather Mills. This lot are effing ace, and considering Liverpool is wetting itself over how good they are, so will you be very soon.
All eyes turn to Elle S’appelle, who seem to have jumped aboard the hot Scouse scene in a matter of fewer than ten gigs. Two guys and one Kate Nash-type dress-wearing girl plonk on stage without a single guitar in sight. This time though, said-Hot Club harmonies get suffocated by Pixies-like screeches, especially in ‘She Sells Sea Shells’. If Frank Black grew up on Rainbow he’d have formed Elle S’appelle.