Thursday, November 29

Music Week Is Here People!

After a long, grueling year here in Europe's most cultured city finally Liverpool Music Week is back. Okay it really wasn't grueling, and if anything it was the opposite, but one - I just needed a good intro, and two - there just couldn't be a more perfect way to end Liverpool's wondrous live scene of 07.

Good Shoes! Lightspeed! Eugene McGuinness! Elle S'appelle! goFASTER>>! Noah & the Whale! So many more too, I can't wait. Oh, I'm now over my whole 'Why the hell aren't The Wombats headlining?' rage as the organisers told me they tried their very best, but it just couldn't work out.

But whatever, cause tonight The Delta Fiasco and albeit rubbish nu-glow-stick lot New Young Pony Club begin this year's Liverpool Music Week! Tomorrow is amazing with Good Shoes, but check out all my picks a couple of posts ago.

I'll be updating this as I go along, so make sure Shout And Twist's Guide To Liverpool Music Week is your only guide.