Friday, November 23


DIY. Do It Yourself. Bands that go it alone, make their own CDs and control their on Myspace.

Puzzle, Liverpool's brand new and mind-blowing two-girl-two-boy piece, do it themselves. They only formed earlier this year, but already 'Sometimes, All of the Time', their very own homemade ten song CD, is out there now.

'A Friend Of Mine' is their best song, so either steam it on their Myspace or d-load it below. It's just feel-good indie pop, but in a really amazing magical way.

If you do go to there Myspace, or go there a little later after d-loading the song, you'll see they're be playing Zanzibar on Monday with Shout and Twist favourites Married to the Sea and Wave Machines. Aces.

A Friend Of Mine