Sunday, November 4

Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November

Today is the most important date in Liverpool’s musical history since The Beatles released 'Please Please Me' back in 1963. Sort of.

This city’s most exciting band since those fabulous four are (in my opinion) in fact, The Wombats. Their debut album ‘A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation’, after combining years and years of hard work with what this band are truly all about (downright fun), is finally released today.

It’s that totally ironic, tongue in cheek and joyous popness about them, both lyrically and musically, that tingles you all inside. I mean, on first impressions it’s fair to figure them as shelf-liveable as Electric Six, but deep down, inside this album, proper indie-pop that’s dingy dance floor-ready in the most non-novelty way is bursting at the very credible seams.

As far as I’m concerned (as you can tell by this blog), there is no better group of Scousers to front this city right now, and I’m just so happy they're at the forefront. Murph’s light-hearted banter in telling the tale of dancing to Manchester’s most depressed in a nightclub or falling in love with a prostitute, mirrors this city in the cheekiest ways, with a great sense of humour that makes you feel top dollar in the process. I couldn’t understand it if someone doesn’t like them, I mean if somebody out there doesn't, where is their soul? What’s not to fall in love with?

I was about fifteen/sixteen when The Coral and The Zutons blew up, and have never been obsessed with that Mersey beating resonance. That was made decades ago, The Wombats are now. I first saw them at the Academy back in February, and was totally taken aback by their popularity. They are huge in Liverpool, and will undoubtedly take that mantle to the rest of the planet. Or at least Western Europe. Every soul in this city should be wearing an ‘I Am A Wombat’ t-shirt.

All the right signs point north with this lot. The Wombats are the best band in Liverpool right now, and with thanks to them, people will now take note of what else this great musical scene has to offer. Now let’s get that album to No. 1. You just never know…

Moving to New York

(By the way I forgot to mention a couple things recently - Radiohead was also in contention for October's Album Of The Month, and as I'm sure you're aware, it's bloody brilliant; but in the context and what they're trying to say and the fact that it's their debut etc, Jakobinarina pipped em. Also sorry about a lack of download accompanying the post, but I've made up for it with this little nugget above!)