Wednesday, November 21

Wave Machines

I never gave Wave Machines a proper listen until a few days back. Now I'm googling for tour dates and awaiting their CD in the post. I love it when a band has that incredibly instant effect on me.

Why did they have such an effect? Because no one else in Liverpool seems to make raw and pretty soothing experiments that will one day take over the world. Or at least soundtrack Grey’s Anatomy.

'Punk Spirit' - "I broke the neck on my guitar, and told you how it's going to be, And after when you left the room, I whispered 'You could fucking die'... Where's my punk spirit? When I need it" - It's ace man! Those words spead over really sweet chords, a bit like that Glasvegas tune.

It's on their Myspace, and they're playing Zanzibar on Monday with Shout and Twist favourites Married to the Sea and soon-to-be Shout and Twist favourites Puzzle.

Are Wave Machines the third best band in Liverpool right now? Maybe. Just maybe.