Sunday, November 11

What Happened When Jakobinarina Came To Town (With To My Boy)...

Carling Academy 2, Liverpool - September 24

Not many lead singers would spend the first few minutes of their band’s set standing at the back of the venue attempting to figure out the atmosphere. But then if you’ve laid your ears on Jakobinarina’s genius debut ‘The First Crusade’, you’ll know it makes perfect sense for the self-righteous yet sensitive Gunnar Bergmann to do so. “Are you lot awake?” he questions the naively static few in here after opening with the ridiculously quirky pop-punchingly amazing ‘This Is An Advertisement’. However such a motionless audience will not affect Jako one iota, as also proven in said debut, not much really does. Therefore, ‘Jesus’, ‘Sleeping In Seattle’ and ‘Spit Me In The Eye’ are seething with punk-fizzy sweetness simply in spite of those souls just surveying. Though if Jako have converted only one to their brainwashing screeches of this planet’s true realities then it’s all been worth it.
But it is almost as if the room doesn’t even deserve their city’s very own To My Boy - and their MacBook. Nevertheless, TMB seem to have brought quite the following, packing the place out with family and friends. Executing an array of typically energetic and electro power-popping numbers, for just two chaps this is quite the lively spectacle. What’s more singer Jack Snape’s programmed voice sounds as chilling live as it does on record. If Liverpool can’t find room for Jakobinarina in their hearts, at least To My Boy hold a safe place.