Sunday, December 2

November - Album Of Last Month

Oh this should be real hard. Real real hard. Real real real hard. Real real real real hard. Not really. This is easy.

The Wombats - A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation - 14th Floor

Man are they amazing. I've spent the majority of these posts sharing my love for this band. But now, I get to label their utterly fantastically brilliant debut album my favourite album of November. It's funny because it's Scouse. It's catchy because it's ridiculously melodic. It's witty because, er, Murph is clever.

'School Uniforms' is my favourite one off it right now. I can't go on about them or it enough. Just buy this album already. It will light up your life, honest. Where would this city be without them? I just don't know. Ah what a terrible thought...

School Uniforms

Shout and Twist's Albums of 2007. Coming soon...