Saturday, December 22

Shout And Twist's Albums Of 2007 - Continued 65 to 31

65. 30 Seconds To Mars 'A Beautiful Lie' (Virgin)
There is a load of first class hard-popping numbers on here, but unfortunately there is just as many, if not more, of the complete opposite.

64. Dogs 'Tall Stories From Under The Table' (Weekender)
It doesn't push boundaries or reinvent wheels, but as downright guitar pop goes it works brilliantly. Well, maybe not brilliantly, but it's good.

63. mewithoutYou 'Brother, Sister' (Tooth & Nail Records)
I think I've got it now. mewithoutYou provide a slightly serious dose of emo-rooted rocking that's as funny as it is real. Does that make sense?

62. Bright Eyes 'Cassadaga' (Saddle Creek)
Conor Oberst has one of the best voices in indie, and with treats like 'No One Would Riot For Less', sometimes he writes classics without realising it.

61. Enter Shikari 'Take To The Skies' (Ambush Reality)
For innovation alone they probably deserve to be higher, but there are a few faults I managed to find. Nonetheless, they changed the industry.

60. You Say Party! We Say Die! 'Lose All Time' (Paper Bag Records)
I kind of expected more here, and I'm sure with the right polisher they could do really well. If they want to.

59. Shy Child 'Noise Won't Stop' (Wall Of Sound)
It doesn't start off great but the latter half of this is ace. 'Summer' is amazing, and with better pluggers, could'be been a huge hit.

58. Battle 'Break The Banks' (Transgressive)
I waited ages for this, and to be fair it does sound all clean and tidy. But there's as much goodness here as there is badness. It's good though.

57. Cherry Ghost 'Thirst For Romance' (Heavenly Records)
I love how this is all made by one guy from Bolton. It's not very MTV2, but there are some inspiring moments on here, such as 'People Help The People'

56. Hundred Reasons 'Quick The Word, Sharp The Action' (V2 Records)
Well then, this was a shocker. 'No Way Back' took me ages to find I nearly had to wait to pay 79p. It's a solid record too. Relatively.

55. Funeral For A Friend 'Tales Don't Tell Themselves' (Atlantic)
There's quite a bit of flaff here, but musically FFAF are probably at their best yet. It's a 'concept' record, so I'm not sure whether to count it next to the others.

54. Idlewild 'Make A New World' (Sequel)
This was also quite a surprise. 'Everything' and 'If It Takes You Home' are ace, and it really seems as if their as angry as they were a few years ago.

53. Stereophonics 'Pull The Pin' (V2)
Before 'J.E.E.P.' they were my favourite band, but since they've nearly been my worse. This is a bit of alright though, some strong little numbers here.

52. Babyshambles 'Shotter's Nation' (Parlophone)
It's not as good as I hoped it would be, but it's way better than their debut. He's still a prick though, but a talented one at that.

51. The Coral 'Roots & Echoes' (Deltasonic)
In what is possibly their best ever record, I kinda like how they keep to themselves. 'Put The Sun Back' sounds like it came out fifty years ago.

50. The Polyphonic Spree 'The Fragile Army' (TVT Records)
Again a nice surprise here, they returned darker and bigger than ever. Yet happier. I dunno, but I feel the world would be different without them.

49. Smashing Pumpkins 'Zeitgeist' (Reprise)
I always said if I could turn back time to go to any show it would be this lot's. Suddenly, I've now seem em live and own a new, pretty decent album.

48. Maps 'We Can Create' (Mute)
Love this guy. Okay, so the album wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but it's still pretty strong. 'Don't Fear' is like a piece of glorious apple pie.

47. Angels & Airwaves 'I-Empire' (Geffen)
Always been a huge fan of Mr Delonge, and this effort is way stronger than their first. Lots of brilliant tunes on here, such as 'Breathe' and 'Lifeline'.

46. To My Boy 'Messages' (Abeano/XL)
Not only are they based in Liverpool, but 'Messages' truly is a solid album. It's a shame they never got the attention they deserved but if they made this, I'm sure they'll get somewhere next time.

45. The Hours 'Narcissus Road' (A&M Records)
Pretty inspiring stuff this, 'Back When You Were Good' is ace, and there are some other rather good songs on here too.

44. Fall Out Boy 'Infinity On High' (Island)
I wanted this to be really special, and half of it is, but the second part isn't too great. It's too long as well, hopefully there next one will be more compact.

43. The Cinematic Orchestra 'Ma Fleur' (Ninja Tune)
Beautiful, lovely and pretty trumpets and strings merge together to make some beautiful, lovely and pretty music.

42. The Pigeon Detectives 'Wait For Me' (Dance to the Radio)
At the end of the day, there are some great songs on here. The more I listen to it the more I like it, and already their jumping over to the Big Band bridge.

41. The Rumble Strips 'Girls And Weather' (Fallout Records)
The more and more I listen to this I really like it, though it took me a while to realise 'No Soul' and 'Alarm Clock' are magnificent.

40. The Rakes 'Ten New Messages' (V2)
A bit disappointed with this, but it's not as bad as some have made out. I guess it's interesting that they throw that whole '7/7' concept with it.

39. Ash 'Twilight Of The Innocents' (Infectious)
Sometimes bands that have been around for so long come back after like five records and it's like 'Oh whatever already', though this aint too bad.

38. Kanye West 'Graduation' (Roc-A-Fella)
I'm not usually into this kinda thang, but Kanye's record is strong. The Chris Martin one is especially brilliant :)

37. The Kissaway Trail 'The Kissaway Trail' (Bella Union)
Also a bit of a grower, this Scandinavian lot sure know hot to make great and epic tuneage, evident by 'La La Song' and 'Bleeding Hearts' in particular.

36. Kate Nash 'Made Of Bricks' (Moshi Moshi)
Really good album but a really good singer. She's probably not as incredible as the hype has suggested but 'Made Of Bricks' is good dammit.

35. Jimmy Eat World 'Chase This Light' (Interscope)
One of those bands who have a kind of cult reputation over here, and 'Chase This Light' is deserved of such. 'Big Casino' is one of the best songs this year.

34. Goodbooks 'Control' (Transgressive)
'Passchendale' is not that good of a song, in fact it's this album's weakest, but the others are ultra strong. 'The Illness' should've been re-re-released.

33. Hard-Fi 'Once Upon A Time In The West' (Atlantic)
Forget all the crap that surrounded the artwork, this is quite the pop record. Some of the areas they go down are brave for a band trying to be as big as they are, but I think it works.

32. The Twang 'Love It When I Feel Like This' (B-Unique)
Okay so they may not look like a rock band, and they may like to ride that whole, er, drunky manly vibe. But at day's end this is a very good record.

31. Art Brut 'It's A Bit Complicated' (Mute)
This was a nice surprise I have to say, certainly a bit more 'mainstream' anywho. 'Pump Up The Volume' and 'Post Soothing Out' are wicked.

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