Monday, December 24

Shout And Twist's Albums Of 2007 - Continued 30 to 11

Just because I'm so damn excited about revealing the No. 1, as well as Shout and Twist's brand new design (it's coming!), here's the next load...

30. The Enemy 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns' (Stiff)
Yes I know the lead singer is an annoying little prick, and yes I know he writes extremely negative 'your life is shit' type words, but to be honest what he does write is well put and they still make great music. I'm afraid it's pretty good.

29. Foo Fighters 'Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace' (RCA)
I was surprised by this one, as I thought they wouldn't release anything new until a good year or so after. So, in a way it was a nice surprise but I also thought 'Jesus, I need a break from you'. Until I heard this rather brilliant album.

28. Arctic Monkeys 'Favourite Worst Nightmare' (Domino)
Don't get me wrong, it's a very good record. But I don't think they've 'improved' from their first record, I mean it sounds different, but not in a good way. Some of the songs are too distant and, er, pretentious. Aside from that it's genius.

27. Madina Lake 'From Them, Through Us, To You' (Roadrunner)
First time I heard this lot I wasn't that impressed, but then I heard this album, played it non-stop for about two weeks and still revert back to it on those uplift-needy days. Great album.

26. Willy Mason 'If The Ocean Gets Rough' (Astralwerks)
His first album over here was good, but this is great. It was a really nice surprise as well, cause when I saw him a live a couple years ago I thought he was quite limited. Suddenly he made this beautiful album, and I can't wait for the next one.

25. Arcade Fire 'Neon Bible' (Merge)
Okay, this is not as good as some have made out. But it is really good, it's just I expected non-stop 'Intervention's, and there's too many 'My Body Is A Cage's. Still waiting for THAT album as far as I'm concerned.

24. Eugene McGuinness 'The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness' (Double Six)
Well, he's one of the finest young talents Liverpool has, er, given birth to in the last year. 'A Girl Whom My Eyes...' is genius. It's eugenius.

23. Athlete 'Beyond The Neighbourhood' (Parlophone)
'Nobody likes us, we don't care' states Joel halfway through this. While that may be true, I don't care if you don't like this, because I do like it. A solid third album definately.

22. Kaiser Chiefs 'Yours Truly Angry Mob' (B-Unique)
Pleasantly surprised by how good this is. They still find ways to annoy me, but there are some absolute total 'tunes' on this thing.

21. Cold War Kids 'Robbers & Cowards' (V2)
It may a little to Godish, but preacher music is always pretty good. In fact, I kinda like that angle, and it is truly is magnificent debut from a very exciting group of Christians.

20. Klaxons 'Myths Of The Near Future' (Rinse/Polydor)
No it's not No. 1 like many other publications have decided, and believe me, I think it's great and I love them and stuff. It's just not complete with singles, which I wanted quite frankly.

19. Mumm-Ra 'These Things Move In Threes' (Sony)
Jeez, where have this lot gone? This album is ace, and they're pretty good live too. They've probably not got the attention they deserve, but maybe on the next one they will.

18. Interpol 'Our Love To Admire' (Parlophone)
The first album is simply one of the greatest albums ever made ever, and while the second is quite the opposite, this lot are back to business with this. What a relief.

17. The Little Ones 'Sing Song EP' (Astralwerks)
It's not technically an album, or even a mini-album for that matter. But I'm pretty excited about this lot, and judging by the new single as well, they just might get somewhere.

16. Biffy Clyro 'Puzzle' (14th Floor)
Lyrically, musically, imagely, this has been Biffy's year no question. It's totally deserved too, cause the more I hear 'Puzzle' the more I love it. 'Mon them.

15. The Cribs 'Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever' (Wichita)
I like what they sing about and I like that they don't know how to write a bad tune and I like that this is a f*cking wicked piece of album.

14. Linkin Park 'Minutes To Midnight' (Machine Shop)
Didn't expect this to be as good as it is at all. They know how to crank it up and squeeze out the melody, and they know how to play it cool and sweeten the souls. Terrific album.

13. Modest Mouse 'We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank'
Oh man, they are one of our land's finest. They should be way huger than what they are, because WWDBTSES is brilliant. I can't find a weakness on it.

12. The Academy Is... 'Santi' (Decaydance)
This was also a nice surprise. I didn't expect anything of it, so maybe that's why, but the infectious chords and emo-tional screams really tear through you after a few listens. In a great way.

11. Good Shoes 'Think Before You Speak' (Brille)
No question one of the best live acts I've ever seen, and no question one of the albums of the year. It so nearly made it into the Top 10, but I found the latter faded out slightly. Only slightly.

Shout And Twist's Top Ten Albums Of 2007 will be with you on the day after Boxing Day, and then after that a brand spanking new design will be buckling onto your very eyes...