Wednesday, December 19

Two Thousand And Seven

Wow-wee. What a year. So much has happened in the last twelve months it's crazy. Hard-Fi refused to chuck a picture on their new album, Radiohead let everybody decide how much they wanted to pay for theirs, and, well, most importantly of all, Shout and Twist was born.

There is an amazing amount of new and exciting musical movements coming out of Liverpool at the moment, and that's exactly what this blog is all about. I've fallen in love with so much stuff around here, first and foremost The Wombats, Eugene McGuinness, Elle S'appelle, To My Boy, goFASTER>>, Wave Machines, Puzzle, Peter and the Wolf, Married to the Sea, Earl Grey and the Lego Men, Thomas Western, Alterkicks (now deceased). Then there's been a few bands around town I haven't quite grown obsessions with, though I'd rather not mention Indica Ritual, The Rascals, The Sonic Hearts, The Reveries and The Little Flames, who split literally a few hours after I posted my unflattering comments about them.

Regardless, the new music 'scene' in this city right now is incredible, and on a very important side-note, in three paragraph's time I will begin to countdown my favourite albums of 2007. But before that I'd just like to state Shout and Twist's Favourite Liverpool Band Of 2007:

The Wombats.

Done. Now for Shout and Twists' Albums Of 2007. This is the definative list, which I've been very hard-working on for the last twelve months. Forget NME, Drowned In Sound, MTV2 or whatever other Xmas round-ups you'd have a peak at. This is it my people, this is it. Here's the first (last) lot...

77. White Rabbits 'Fort Nightly' (Say Hey Records)
'The Plot' is a tune and a half but aside from that there's just nothing else on here. This is the worst album I've heard all year.

76. The View 'Hats Off To The Buskers (1965 Records)
This lot are the most overrated band known to pop music. What's the difference between this and the way more respectable Libertines?

75. Future of the Left 'Curses' (Too Pure)
Bits and bobs of this album are listenable, but I can't tell whether they're being serious, and if so, what exactly they're trying to say. My bad.

74. Yeasayer 'All Hour Cymbals' (We Are Free)
'2080' is one of the songs of the year, thus I was hoping for an album packed with different versions of it. But no, the rest is just filler.

73. Jack Penate 'Matinee' (XL)
All the singles he's put out are strong, but you know what, this album is massively dissapointing, considering all the hype.

72. Hot Hot Heat 'Happiness Ltd.' (Sire Records)
Indie rock is very big these days, and there's just too much stuff out there now for this to do anything. It's not good enough.

71. The Stills 'Without Feathers' (Drowned In Sound)
Their debut was brilliant, but there was no hype surrounding 'Without Feathers' whatsoever. It's nothing compared to 'Logic...' anyway.

70. Digitalism 'Idealism' (Kitsune Music)
'Pogo' is total genius, but there's a bit too much flab on this for it to be in a higher place. Good though.

69. Jamie T 'Panic Prevention' (Virgin)
This is also one of the most disappointing albums I've heard all year, I mean I love the whole concept, but the album is overrated.

68. The Thrills 'Teenager' (Virgin)
They were meant to be back, but even though this is good, it's not great. Better than their second, no where near the first.

67. Dashboard Confessional 'The Shade Of Poison Trees' (Vagrant)
This isn't bad, 'These Bones' and the title track are great, though the rest all sounds the same.

66. Maximo Park 'Our Earthly Pleasures' (Warp)
Second album syndrome hit this lot hard. What comes after the first few tracks is a whole lotta flaff.

So, that was the first (last) lot. Keep it tuned though because in a few days time I'll be chucking up the next bunch of Shout and Twist's Albums Of 2007...