Wednesday, January 23

Lightspeed Champion And His Very Good New Album

In a time choc-a-block with countless reformations one band you can bet won't be getting back together is Test Icicles. Partially because their job of starting one total musical revolution was pretty much done after one album, but also because one former third, Dev Hynes, is now Lightspeed Champion. Here his debut album pleasantly surprises, divulging a heartfelt sincerity that most from what is supposedly an alt.folk invasion could only wish for. 'Galaxy Of The Lost’ sees Hynes get disturbingly frank, shrieking, “My neck will burn as we kiss and I’m sick in your mouth”, above awfully sweet string picking and straight violin. Such a blend of tools does border ever-so slightly on the annoying as the album progresses, but all is forgiven with its best track, ‘Dry Lips’, a pop sensible number suggestive of early Death Cab For Cutie. This boy has soul damn it!
Dry Lips
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