Tuesday, January 1

Two Thousand And Eight

Welcome to the all new and improved Shout and Twist!

Along with this brand new and highly swanky design, there's even a new objective around here. See, even though I'll still be putting an emphasis on all-things Liverpool, more bands and artists from all over the place will now get featured, each with their own sneaky download.

So, what better way to start than by slapping the 'Next Big Thing' label on five of the alternative world's upcoming stars...

Elle S'appelle
Three-piece indie-pop masterminds from Liverpool aren’t exactly hard to come by these days, and Elle S’appelle seem to be next in line to follow in the very fine and bouncy footsteps of The Wombats. French for ‘She is called’, Elle S’appelle are teeming with many a guitar-less sweet pop nugget. It’s not even been a year since they formed but already daytime playlists are hopping on board and said Wombats support slots are in the history books. Recent single and one day signature tune ‘Little Flame’ pumps in and out like a sensitive Blood Red Shoes, only accidentally choking 90s Pumpkins in the process. Look out for the nursery-rhyming genius next single ‘Monkey Shine’ too. Never mind their home city, Elle S’appelle will be blowing minds the planet over in no time.
She Sells Sea Shells
Elle S'appelle Myspace

Pete and the Pirates
There should be more buzz about this lot. There was a little bit a few months ago, but considering they're planning to release their debut album next month, if they want it to sell, they need way more exposure. Nonetheless, I haven't heard the album but I just know it's gonna be amazing. All the singles and EPs and whatever have been outstanding, proper indie pop that rides the same wave as Good Shoes, but not as twee. 'Come On Feet' and 'Knots' are complete and utter indie anthems, and I guess it's really good they've stuck with Stolen Recordings, probably in spite of bigger offers from majors or even bigger independents. I'm guessing the PATP camp aren't interested in big marketing plans and release date politics. This lot will be huge because of the music, and nothing else.
This Thyme
Pete and the Pirates Myspace

Cajun Dance Party
Technically, Cajun Dance Party are one of the bands of 2007, let alone anybody with a good musical heart and soul's top tip for 2008. They signed to the label of all labels, XL, earlier on last year, played storming sets at Glastonbury and Reading, and released two absolutely incredible jerk-popping singles. But no album. That's because they still go to college, and with that in mind, CDP are at the forefront of the Underage Revolution (along with Operator Please, Bombay Bicycle Club, frYars, etc) that's seemed to of made a nice big dent in the so-called fragile structure of Planet Indie. Once they do finish their A Levels however, I think they'll have made the summer album of 2008. Jeez, my spine is tingling just thinking about it.
Colourful Life
Cajun Dance Party Myspace

Without question one of the best bands in Liverpool right now, it's beyond me why or how they're not even signed yet. Every time I've seen them live they've blown the minds of those watching, converting them into the total indie pop nonsense that was once shelved out by Bloc Party, before Kele hit East London. The city is changing. Sure the Merseybeating thumps and thuds of The Coral and their many spin-offs are still knocking about the place, but a whole new array of fresh and innovative bands are doing things you'd never think was possible, and goFASTER>> are right at the front.
Good Times
goFASTER>> Myspace

The Xcerts
Biffy Clyro had quite the year last year. One of the best things about 'Puzzle' was the fragility in singer Simon Neil's scratchy vocals, and the singer from The Xcerts has that same kind of tone in his, which placed above what they label as 'melodramatic popular song' rock, is bloody brilliant. 'Aberdeen 1987' is as soft and subtle as Death Cab, where 'Just Go Home' is as loud and catchy as Biffy. To put it simply, they're fantastic, and according to their Myspace they're not even signed yet. If that's actually true, it really is a matter of time, and once that happens, the world is very much their oyster.
Breathtaking Fight
The Xcerts Myspace