Saturday, February 23

The Boys Were Back In Town

The Wombats – The New Picket, Liverpool – 20/2/08
That “darkest side of town” which Murph gleefully points out in ‘Lets Dance To Joy Division’ looks like it could be the setting of tonight’s ‘secret’ hometown show. Plonked in the middle of a worn out industrial estate with not much but a massive TV screen showing some wildlife documentary on wombats around us, this cheeky trio always find a way to amuse their hometown. Beginning as always with first ever single ‘Lost In The Post’, all few hundred souls in here are starting to tingle already. ‘Kill The Director’ even comes with its own thirty-second intro these days, and despite calls for that oh so divisive Take That cover, this gig is becoming pretty darn legendary. Brand new song ‘How To Pack Your Bags And Leave’ gets its first live outing, bursting out a bit twee like The Maccabees foreplaying with Abba. Even-though-it-came-out-only-last-flipping-year new single ‘Backfire At The Disco’ wraps up yet another ace Wombats show. These boys really are flawless.
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