Saturday, February 16

The Delta Fiasco

This Scouse trio have been around for a good while now, and I'm pretty sure I've seen them in all the main city hangouts over the last couple of years. But there's three reasons why I think there's a lack of industry interest in them - 1. The only record label in Liverpool is more interested in signing Coral spin-offs than it is fresh talent. 2. No one from the proper record labels down south will ever be assed to come up here. 3. They've never been that great. But when I saw them a couple days back at the launch night for Liverpool Sound City at Barfly, my opinion somewhat altered. Though more synth-centric art is the last thing our planet needs, they seemed to be stirring up some kind of mysterious charm, at least after the first two Cure rip-offs anyway. Matching their daunting guitars and rickety beats with black tees, there was an unexplained anger they created which couldn't help but draw you in. Maybe it was from the wait of trying to persuade label bosses. Maybe it was all the constant stares from the chavvy Rascals fans. Whatever it was, if Interpol grew up on The Demon Headmaster, this lot would very much be the outcome. Good.

Here's the swanky video for their new single 'Easy' -

The Delta Fiasco Myspace