Friday, February 1

January - Album Of Last Month

This year has already seen a good few fine albums hitting physical and digital boutiques. Lightspeed Champion's debut was nothing but a pleasant surprise, label-buddies Sons and Daughters also made quite the effort, Adele's '19' was pretty good, and Vampire Weekend's first one was also rather splendid. But, as always, there's only room for one Album Of Last Month...

British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music? - Rough Trade

The thing with the first British Sea Power record is that for every rock-powering classic like 'Remember Me', 'Carrion' and 'Blackout', there was just as much flaff like 'Something Wicked', 'The Lonely' and 'Apologies To Insect Life'. The second one wasn't that much of a progression, apart from single 'Please Stand Up'. But 'Do You Like Rock Music?' is no question their best album to date, which is something reflected even by it's Top 10 chart entry.
In a time when bands simply have to release the best flipping debut they can, BSP have finally produced what they always dared to three albums in. 'All In It' is the perfect way to begin, 'The Great Skua' is the best thing Sigur Ros have never made, and 'No Need To Cry' is the greatest song BSP have ever created. DYLRM? is exceptional, and the Arcade Fire comparisons are unfair. Unfair on Arcade Fire that is.
No Need To Cry