Wednesday, March 12

Manchester And Their 'New' Lager Laddish Phenomenon

Hype can be one vicious beast. The Courteeners were meant to take on the planet, all big guitars and bigger mouths. But here we are, five months in to their musical calling and then something like this happens. 'This' being their brand new single 'Not Nineteen Forever', tagged along with the pop-sensible promise of their last two rather good releases ('Acrylic' and 'What Took You So Long?'), is about as zestful as the thought of a second series of Lily Allen and Friends. “You’re not nineteen forever, pull yourselves together” growls frontman Liam Fray to School Discos countrywide, made even less interesting by the ceaseless and obvious chords that even One Night Only could muster up after a few jams. The Smiths did it better. Much better.

Here's the as-embarrassing video featuring the four of them drinking coffee in a cafe.

The Courteeners Myspace