Sunday, March 9

The Metros

The Metros - Korova, Liverpool - 7/3/08
These better be careful round here. Not since they got booted off The Coral’s tour for ‘disruptive behaviour’ have The Metros stepped inside the psychedelic rockers’ hometown. But for a supposed bunch of scoundrels with a desire to trash gear and throw beer at strangers, they seem pretty dapper tonight. Their rockabilly-tinted jangle is too jerking out rather neatly, even in spite of the room’s good few forty-year-olds using this lot as an excuse to unearth their inner ‘punk’. Current single ‘Education Pt2’ gets the most approval, bouncing around as if a cockney Luke Kooks is giving The Paddingtons a lecture on how not to get an ASBO. Good, but there’s still way too many of these about.

Do however check out this live video of 'Education Pt2' recorded last summer.

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